Multiply – Coming Soon

Launching this year across the UK, Multiply is a new government-funded programme to help adults (19 years +) who do not already have a GCSE at grade C (or equivalent) in maths improve their numeracy skills.

The overall objective of Multiply is to increase the levels of functional numeracy in the adult population across the UK.

✓ More adults achieving maths qualifications courses (up to, and including, Level 2 – with GCSEs and FSQs as the qualifications of choice in England – or equivalent) and an increase in participation in numeracy courses.

✓ Improved labour market outcomes e.g., fewer numeracy skills gaps reported by employers, and an increase in the proportion of adults that progress into sustained employment and / or education.

✓ Increased adult numeracy across the population – this overall impact, which goes beyond achieving certificates or qualifications, will track both the perceived and actual difference taking part in the programme makes in supporting learners to improve their understanding and use of maths in their daily lives, at home and at work – and to feel more confident when doing so.

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